Black, Grey and Stretchy

These days, there is an awful and depressing trend toward wearing black and grey stretchy fabric, all the time. A tendency to get caught up in the current trend of dressing, thinking, expressing and living. It seems there is an even heavier push to blend in with the crowd than when I was growing up. To look a certain way, to have a certain body type and if you don’t, you just do not belong. To have this job, or own this house, to be popular.

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Down a Country Road

  I couldn’t sleep last night. It was nearly morning before I finally drifted off. I had performed all the usual bedtime rituals and crawled under the covers with a good book and a cup of tea at about 8:15. Nodded off while reading then, after setting my book on the night table and turning off the light, was wide awake.

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Nancy Elliott