Button Down Shirt

Button Down Shirt


You are headed to bed late Sunday night when the phone rings. It's a last minute call out to the Firebrand Pub, the guys are gathering to raise a glass to a compatriot's new baby boy.

The celebration of a first son and first child demands more than a T-shirt. You knew this moment was coming and you were ready. Your jeans pressed and laying over the brass footboard, socks and belt tucked in your polished boots. A good shirt ready and waiting. Soft but structured, buttoned down but not snobby.

Oh, you know it is not about you, not by any means. It's about expressing joy and showing respect. Respect for the new Dad, your best friend. Respect for the new Mom, your sister. And respect for the new little man who is your God son. You have a big job ahead of you. The first step is to be an example of respect.

The softest cotton in a mint green mirage. Three-point Western trim cut with Mother of Pearl buttons.

Made to order by your measurements. Also in Sand, Rose Quartz, plain Ivory, White and White on White.

If you need this item in a different size and fabric, please contact me via email.

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