The Westerner Shirt

The Westerner Shirt


Not merely a direction of travel, "West", more often than not, conjures images of dramatic landscapes, big skies and wild, colorful characters, recognized and romanticized worldwide as distinctly American.

The Westerner stands out from the rest by holding close his individuality. Western is his way of thinking, living and being. Western speaks to the heart of every man. Some answer up. He's one of a kind, un-broken, still wild and spirited, with his own way of doing life. There's more to the west than meets the eye.

This hand-made Western shirt has hand embroidered barbed wire trim on the points and the wider, three snap cuffs, just enough of a longer reach in sleeve length for elegance, and flap pockets. Periwinkle Blue cotton, the perfect color for hiding dust from the trail.

If you need this item in a different size and fabric, please contact me via email.

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